Good way to prevent hair loss

posted on 13 Oct 2015 09:34 by showliss

There are online to prevent hair loss in many ways, but they are different opinions, who do not know exactly which method is more reliable. Today we have gathered from the Internet some of the ways to prevent hair loss the most commonly used, these methods have a certain scientific principles, so most users sought after, here we look at these three methods to prevent hair loss:

1, eat vitamin B2 and B6
In general pharmacy you can buy vitamin B2 and B6, have a lot of friends have said that eating these two vitamins to prevent hair loss had a significant effect, especially for seborrheic alopecia. Experts said that when the body is indeed a lack of vitamin B6 can cause hair loss, but not all hair loss is caused by lack of vitamins, so this method a try, as long as the amount, basically no side effects.
2, ginger water shampoo
Obviously the ginger with hot boiled for some time, after cooling to shampoo, which is the most common method of preventing hair loss, right? A lot of friends have said in the middle of practice, ginger water shampoo can really feel the hair out of the number of fewer, hair becomes shiny, and this method is no side effects. There are kinds of common parlance with ginger rub the scalp, the principle of the two methods is the same, but the ginger water, ginger pieces will be more modest than that.
3, hot feet
Some human hair is oil, wash looks very day without oil, no spirit, but also easy to hair loss, which is plagued by many people to be a problem. Experts tell us there are many reasons for hair oil, if the person's qi deficiency, is not easy to digest fat in the body, secrete through the scalp and facial skin, etc., resulting in the hair, face very oil. This time, with relatively hot hot foot bath, foot by stimulating acupuncture points for liver function have a certain role in promoting long-term persist for greasy hair, hair loss have unexpected results, but also from common sense perspective, Feet are often already a lot of advantages, there are beneficial to health.
These are the online method of hair loss most trusted prevented. It is worth mentioning that the reason for hair loss too much, it was with more than three method of preventing hair loss would be very effective, but some people use them so that may not be so, this is individual.(babyliss curl secret)

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