How many species do perm

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Many female friends like perm certain particularly concerned about this issue, in fact, although a wide range of perming, but its principles remain the same. Perm gradually became synonymous with beautiful fashion, more and more young friends of the perm goal as a trend. If you must take a perm classification, it can usually be roughly divided into the following five categories.

The main difference lies on the tools and perm perm process. In fact, the principles remain the same perm, do not be a wide variety of perm get dizzy name, the name is nothing more than a lot of perm a concept, though known how advanced the principle is the same. Let us understand the kind under perm it.

Different tools perm, perm can be divided into physical and chemical hot hot

Physical hot

Physical perm perm is the most primitive way. The earliest is the volume on her hair wrapped round wooden sticks, dried after a hair, and then into electrical pliers or a hot iron bar and other tools in advance, and then the hair is coiled into a wave. This method is very hurt the hair,babyliss Pro perfect Curl to the 1990s, Korea invented the ceramic hot, in 2002, people began to pop SPA digital perm. Physical perm process has been a great development, safety and efficacy have been a great guarantee.

Chemical burn

Chemical, also known as cold hot hot, hot in the cold as the reducing agent is thioglycolic acid salts and esters, make the hair hydrogen, salt, ammonia, breaking disulfide bonds to achieve perm effect, so most hurt the hair perm is a perm way that people generally do not advocate such a perm way.

Perm according to different processes, it can be divided into the following common types:

Braided hot

The hot strand of hair into curls, the other holding a strand of hair straight hair, this method is called hot woven hot. Even if the volume is too hot hair too, but on the whole, it does not seem too prominent, and increase the brightness of straight hair part.

Spiral hot

Is shoulder length or longer hair to roll on the ruffled hair stick, in order to make spiral-like curls. This iron law can produce an explosive hairstyle. Traditional hair perm sucked volumes on sideways curls stick. Fluffy degree, twice the amount of fat can improve.

Horn hot

Japanese-style hot method, is one for ladies in the hair characteristics and manufacturing natural fluffy effect of perm. The speaker perm curls upward or downward place, to make soft, shiny effect.

Hot foil

Take strand of hair, then wrapped up the perm agent with aluminum foil, hot after the hair was a roll of a shape, the effect lasting stereotypes.

Ceramic hot

Is an advanced physical perm method, also known as shape memory perm. Different from the traditional perm that hair bars fever itself, let the inner hair from heat.

Fiber hot

You may not have thought, like cotton, cotton-like fiber, actually can be used to perm. This fiber cotton material is very light, almost makes you feel any weight, it will not pull your hair, make you feel pain, but also because it is absorbed by the fiber cotton perm syrup perm so you can not on paper, make a perm faster. This perm hot out of the hair, the hair through the air filled with a sense of the volume of the very natural and good finishing, not easy to tie.

Digital perm

The technology was invented by the Chinese in the US domain company out, also China is really a self-developed technology in the hairdressing industry, breaking the traditional Western perm way to 24V output voltage lower than the human security 36V on a person's head roll bar power supply, which is safe for people in perming process has been considerable protection. Until nowadays, no one perm more advanced technology, health and safety than the digital perm.(babyliss curl secret)

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