Dandruff causes and solutions

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According to the latest survey, 67% of the life of people face different degrees of dandruff problems, where for less than ten percent dandruff is an understanding of what causes! Thus, in the dandruff it has become the most vexing problem scalp, while dandruff is what our reason to master but it is relatively little, and this is the cause of dandruff constantly plagued the main reason for people's lives!

So, for the present situation of dandruff showing high momentum, so that more people understand and master the principles of dandruff appears, as well as life in the cause of dandruff appears wishful it is particularly important! Well, more specifically, dandruff is what causes it? What is a good way to be useful in the prevention and treatment of dandruff it? Next, a good head snood will take you a look:

First, let's look at what the specific cause of dandruff are.babyliss curl secret Now for the analysis of the causes of dandruff, there are three more unified understanding, but specific to the individual's body is what causes dandruff, or according to specific symptoms need to be carefully analyzed. At present, it is widely recognized cause of dandruff three reasons are:

The first reason is that excessive dandruff scalp excessive oil secretion. Oil secretion on the scalp is a normal phenomenon, but excessive oil secretion in the scalp, when the death of a large number of oil degradation supposed normal shedding of the scalp surface of cells solidification together, so that the formation of dandruff! For this reason the formation of dandruff, mostly granular white dots, number, small shape, but will be accompanied by scalp itching scalp, dry hair symptoms!

The second reason for the increase will lead to dandruff caused by a parasite! This fungus is actually a kind of bacteria, the most common infection oval leather Pityrosporum, this type of bacteria in the human scalp sebum for food, and edible oils and fats while secreting a substance accelerate oil production, increase growth rate and replace the scalp epidermal cells. Such bacteria fast, after a certain size, scalp began to block off large areas of the scalp, which is why we dandruff puzzle will unlock! Able to distinguish between that which causes dandruff, often relatively large pieces, gray hair and gray hair, the hair can sometimes stick together!

The final cause of dandruff many reasons is a common disorder, this condition can cause cell growth rate on the scalp rapidly accelerate, and oil on the scalp can also cause a significant increase in secretion, thus the one on the scalp because of the large number of deaths due to get rid of fat cells adhered together to form dandruff falling into pieces! If there are lumps of dandruff on the scalp place with nails to hang, you can see the symptoms of small blood belongs to this point is the cause of dandruff!

And that is what we are for dandruff more explanation of the reasons, of course, different specific reasons, we in its prevention and control measures taken will not be the same, but in general, no matter what causes dandruff The general approach is to first major generic drugs applied to solve the problem of bacteria and often hair care, then assistant diet, sleep adjustment, generally do this a few words, no matter what the reasons are more dandruff will soon be cured !(Showliss hair curler)

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